Getting Started with Transaccts

Step 1: Free Trial

Take Transaccts for a test drive to see if you like it. You can submit 4 documents for free.

Step 2: Use Free Trial

Submit receipts, upload settlement reports, and send other financial documents for processing.  You’ll have a better understanding of how easy Transaccts is after the free trial.

Step 3: Subscribe

After finishing your free trial, we’ll email you a link to purchase full access. Simply follow the link to your account online and enter payment information.

You’ll then have access for the current month and all future months until canceling.

Step 4: Submit Unlimited Documents

After subscribing, you’ll be given full access to the app and all its features. Upload as many receipts, settlement reports, and other financial documents as necessary.

Behind on your books? 

After subscribing, you’ll have full access to upload unlimited documents. You can upload documents from past months.

We’ll notify you by email which months you still need to purchase in order to have those income and expenses items included in your financial reporting.

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Switching Accountants?

Simply upload a Profit and Loss statement from your past accounting service and we’ll pick up from where they left off!

Free App Support

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