Step 3: Making the call

Download: Discovery Guide

Before making the call to the IRS, download the Transaccts Discovery Guide below.  It will help you collect all the information you need by completing this form when on call with the Internal Revenue Service.

Download Transaccts Discovery Guide here.

Where to call

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Business hours

7AM to 7PM local time, Monday through Friday


If you are calling as an individual:

Call 800-829-1040

Follow the call-tree to get an IRS representative on the line. If you are self-employed, follow the prompts to speak with someone in the business unit.


If you are calling as a business:

Call 800-829-1040 and follow the prompts to speak with someone in the business unit, OR

Call 800-829-4933

Follow the call-tree to get an IRS representative on the line.


The IRS representative will answer the phone by saying his Badge ID and name. Make note of this on your Investigation guide, which can be downloaded here.

You will be asked a series of questions pertaining to the account you wish to discuss. Properly answering the questions about your SSN/EIN, date of birth, legal names, and address will give you full access to discus your account with the IRS.

Banking or financial information requests

The IRS sometimes asks you for bank information and details about where you work. Do not provide these details to the IRS.  You can kindly deflect these questions for a later time by being persistent when asking for information that you need.

Collecting Information

Follow the Investigation guide for step-by-step instructions to completing a proper Investigation. Conduct 1 entire Investigation for each entity you are discussing.

Download here.