Start with DISCOVERY.

Learn how to have an effective conversation with the Internal Revenue Service by following the Transaccts Discovery Roadmap. This is a great place for you to start on the road to resolving your IRS tax debt.  We’ll email you step-by-step instructions.

Discovery: what you will accomplish

Completing a Discovery on your tax account with the Internal Revenue Service will dictate which resolution program or Roadmap is best for you. Collecting transcripts, asking the right questions, and understanding what the IRS expects are the first steps towards fixing your tax problems. 

What you need to know

There is some ‘tax lingo’ that you should be familiar with prior to calling the IRS or State tax departments. You will be brought up to speed on some basic tax terminology so you can have a more educated conversation with the IRS.

Information you need

You will collect some of your basic personal and business information before placing a call to the IRS. This preparation will ensure you are ready to speak to the IRS so you don’t have to waste time.

Make the call

Contacting the IRS can be scary. Knowing what to expect, which questions to ask, and what information to request will make your call with the IRS more effective. It will also better prepare you for resolving your tax problems.

Choose your Roadmap

Make an educated decision on how you should resolve your tax problems. We’ll walk you through different scenarios to help you determine which Roadmap is best for you.

Still need help?

Transaccts has specialized in resolving delinquent IRS and State tax debts for many years.  We can customize a do-it-yourself solution for you.  If you want full-service tax resolution, this is also the place to start.

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