Use Transaccts Roadmaps for step-by-step instructions to navigate complicated tax law, negotiate with the IRS, and resolve your tax problems.

Free Roadmaps


This is the best place to start resolving your tax issues.

The Discovery Roadmap will guide you through an exploratory conversation with the IRS.  You will be collecting important account information, better understand your situation, then choosing the best route for resolving your tax problems.

Tax Settlement

You can settle on tax debt owed to the IRS.

This Tax Settlement Roadmap will guide you through the popular IRS program, called Offer in Compromise. You will be preparing and submitting the necessary documents, monitoring your case, and negotiating a final offer amount.

Custom Roadmaps

Interested in a Custom Roadmap? Start with Pro Discovery.

Payment Plan

Setting up a payment plan with the IRS can be a great way to affordably pay off tax debt.

This Installment Agreement Roadmap will help you set up a payment plan with the IRS. There are many types of payment options to choose from. Understand your options and create a payment plan with the IRS that fits your schedule and budget.

Removing Penalties

A quick way to reduce your total tax debt is to have penalties removed.

This Penalty Abatement Roadmap will explain the types of penalty abatements and requirements for each program. Have a great chance of having penalties removed from your tax debt by following this custom roadmap.

Garnishments & Levies

Remove or reduce your bank levies and wage garnishments.

This Levies & Garnishments Roadmap will help you remove wage garnishments and bank levies. There are many routes you can take to accomplish a reduction or removal of these IRS collections processes. Is is important to understand what your options are and the most effective approach.


Being audited can be stressful and create financial burden.

This Audit Roadmap will outline how you should approach an audit and the quickest way to resolving your audit. Leverage Transaccts’ experience in audit representation to know what to look out for, what your target outcome should be, and how to get the best result.

Lien Removal

Liens can affect your credit.

The Lien Removal Roadmap will help you understand the cause and affects of liens, what information to request, and how to remove a lien from your IRS account.

Tax Preparation

You are required to file a tax return for each year you earn income.

This Tax Preparation Roadmap will help you understand which tax returns you need to file, where to file them, and what paperwork you will need to get started.