Tax Resolution

Transaccts tax professionals can resolve IRS and any state tax issue in any year. Our Enrolled Agents are specialists in resolving truck drivers’ delinquent tax accounts, including company drivers, independent contractors, owner-operators, and logistics carriers.

Our philosophy is simple yet rare: provide the client with realistic expectations and deliver results. Do not fall victim to radio and television marketing who promise impractical outcomes as it could be a waste of your time and money. Our staff is dedicated to determining what tax resolution options are available to you so you can make an educated and strategic decision.

Get your tax issues resolved while you’re working, from anywhere.


Tax Preparation:

Transaccts specializes in preparing tax returns for individuals, independent contractors, and small businesses within the logistics industry. Our tax specialists will not over-look important deductions and calculations, such as per diem and specific trucking expenses.


Our in-house bookkeepers and accountants are specialists in the trucking industry. We have the capacity to prepare accurate books for any year in order to include valuable expenses and deductions in your taxes.

Release of Wage Garnishment:

Transaccts team of tax professionals have years of combined experience in releasing wage levies. Whether you are a W2 employee, independent contractor, or collecting Social Security, we can help. If the IRS or State has frozen your bank account, it is imperative to act quickly to resolve the issue before your money is collected.

Tax Lien:

The government issues a tax lien in final efforts of collecting any outstanding tax debts. It can be placed on any personal or business asset and credit, which could be harmful to your business’ operations.Call us to see how we can remove your tax lien.

Currently Non-Collectible (CNC):

Based on your financial situation, Transaccts may be able to negotiate a Currently Non-Collectible Status. Once accepted by the IRS, you will temporarily be protected from involuntary collection and relieved of making payments to the IRS.

Penalty Abatement:

Transaccts will interview you to determine if you are qualified to have penalties and interest removed from your tax liability. Qualifying candidates display severe economic hardship or have personal hardships such as medical, health, or family issues.

Amend or Replace Tax Returns:

It is common to have mistakes on a tax return that can result in an inaccurate tax liability. Transaccts can fix mistakes on tax returns if it will reduce what you owe to the IRS and State. If you haven’t filed tax returns for many years, the IRS and State can file for you and neglect deductions that you are legally entitled to; this also can result in an inaccurate tax liability.Transaccts can generate an original tax return for any year to replace those that have been filed by the IRS and State or incorrectly prepared.

Offer in Compromise:

You may be familiar with radio and television advertisements soliciting this IRS relief program. Many people fall victim to tax resolution firms promising a beneficial outcome but fall far short of delivering quality results.

Transaccts will determine if you are a qualified candidate for this program. If qualified, Transaccts can execute the necessary paperwork and representation needed to successfully submit an offer. This program could potentially save thousands of dollars by making a settlement on the amount owed.

Installment Agreement:

Transaccts can negotiate a reasonable payment option to the IRS and State so you can begin paying on a tax debt. Payment plans are beneficial because they prevent involuntary collections such as levies and garnishments, and will significantly reduce the penalties and interest that accumulate over time. There are many types of installment agreements; we will help determine which is the most beneficial for you. Some installment agreements actually save money by allowing you to partially pay your tax debt.


There are many situations why one may need professional representation before the IRS and State. Call us so we can determine if representation is necessary. If representation isn’t needed, we are happy to offer advice so you can begin resolving the issue on your own.

Call us to see what can be done to remedy your situation. 888-346-7244